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At the time Frankfurter Brett appraoched my agency, they were a young venture founded by the brothers Joseph and Johannes Schreiter. They both come from a background in cooking, which inspired their unique product: high quality cutting boards that have extendible rails, which can hold specific food containers. This allows the cook to slide the cut ingredients as well as undesired by-products into the respective containers, creating a clean and organized kitchen workspace.

The brothers had run an extremely successful crowd funding campaign to get their business idea off the ground and into production. However, the first iteration of their homepage wasn’t working and the initial success of their crowd funding campaign wasn’t translating into sales in the new web shop.

They approached Biedermann und Brandstift with the request to redesign their entire Internet presence. I was tasked with conceptualizing a storyline that would run through their entire homepage.

Telling Their Story

The pieces of the puzzle were laid out in front of me: A grassroots startup, which was lead by two charismatic brothers Schreiter that had created a unique product. It was an exciting opportunity to work closely with a client to build its brand’s identity.

When new visitors arrive on a website, they need to be locked-in within a few seconds or else they may leave and the potential sale is lost. That’s why discovering a page needs to be an exciting journey, which keeps visitors interested long enough to satisfy their curiosity by making a purchase.

Videos were positioned in the header of each page. The moving image would be the first thing site visitors would see and it would immediately grab their attention long enough to generate further curiosity in the product.

The video on the landing page was a mix of the founding brothers in their stunning “office kitchen” while they were cooking with family and friends.

This was intercut with close-up of delicious foods being prepared on their special cutting boards. All these elements were relatable to audiences: family, friends and food. The new component was the cutting board, which tied everything together. Visitors would develop an emotional relationship with the product before they even read a single line of text (and the price tag).

The cutting board was available in four variations, so I gave each product detail page a video in which the respective cutting board was the hero. This gave the products their own unique identity, which melted into the greater story concept of the website. Additionally, this provided visitors with a reason to venture on through the pages and explore all the products.

Outcome & Awards

The final homepage and web shop were a big success. Paired with targeted ads on social media, Frankfurter Brett’s sales skyrocketed immediately. Our work on this project was awarded three e-commerce awards. The juries of all contests stated that the visual storytelling was a key criteria for the website to be chosen as the winner. The site was also featured as a case study in an article about web shops with strong storytelling in the German marketing magazine PAGE.

Internet World Business Shop Award 2018
Categorie: Hidden Champion

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Shop Usability Award 2018
Categorie: Home & Garden

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Digital Commerce Award 2018
Categorie: Lifestyle & Hobby

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