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Frankfurter Brett is a young and successful company founded in 2015 by the Schreiter brothers. Being cooks, they created a unique product: high quality cutting boards with containers to make the cooking process clean, fast and fun for everyone.

My agency was hired to redesign Frankfurter Brett’s web shop from the ground up. Having a background in video production, I was tasked with conceptualizing and producing header videos for the landing page and each product’s detail page. I worked very closely with the client in their personal show kitchen to create specialized scenes for each of their boards – each video telling a short visual story.

The final videos and web shop were a great success, winning three e-commerce awards in 2018 (see below). It was stated by all juries that the visual storytelling was a key aspect for winning the awards. Frankfurter Brett’s web shop was also featured in an article about web shops with strong storytelling in the marketing magazine PAGE.

Internet World Business Shop Award 2018
Categorie: Hidden Champion

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Shop Usability Award 2018
Categorie: Home & Garden

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Digital Commerce Award 2018
Categorie: Lifestyle & Hobby

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