I started as a creative in advertising and marketing. The years in this industry taught me that the key to successful communication is storytelling. And the greatest stories are those that hold universal themes at their core, something that audiences can attach themselves to. However, the problem I’ve witnessed time and again was that companies tend to misinterpret how their audiences relate to their brand and thus fail to reach them effectively.

The world has more than enough artists, what it needs is strategic storytellers. Witnessing a lack of communicators willing to criticaly assess message design and ask the right—sometimes uncomfortable—questions has inspired me to embark on a new professional journey: the evolution from advertsing professional to communication strategist.

Arte, Bethmann Bank, Calvin Klein, DFB, Frankfurter Brett, Louis XIII, Liganova, PVH, Rémy Martin, Roku Gin, Samsung, Tommy Hilfiger, Wormland